Cloud Charging Platform

AeCharger CCMS

AeCharger CCMS is a cloud-based service management platform that allows operators to optimize the charging experience. Operators can easily manage accessibility and remotely monitor stations, bill users easily through a single background management system, and generate a variety of valuable data on how your stations are being used.

Cloud Charging Management System

Cloud Plan

Customized Logo
Customized Applets (optional) 
Customized Advertisement  
Usage analytics 
Online user register and management
Online recharge
Online RFID management 
User group management 
Group-Station and Group-Charger binding 
Billing system
Pay with credit card
Pay with Paypal
Liquidate between different operators  
Charging tariffs configurator
Balance account Management
Placeholder fees and reminder  
Scheduled price rating
Scheduled price rating(bind to group) 
Promotion plans  
Reservation one charger
Reservation one station 
Enhanced reservation fee system  
Periodic Charger share
Maintenance task management
Enhanced Maintenance task management 
Loading balance  
Valet parking reminder
Monitoring and analytics
Remote charger management 
Utilization analysis
Operation trend analysis, income ratio analysis 
Remote diagnostics and reboot
Remote Upgrading
Online charging site management
Customized access management 
Asset management   
Mobile applets
Register and user management via mobile applets or website.
Basic dashboard  
Enhanced dashboard  
Basic dashboard  
Maintenance applets  
Exchange data with other central system
OCPP Gateway or OCPP modem